Communicating with people

Communicating with people

This feature applies to for Outlook, Enterprise Edition, only. makes it easy to communicate with people, by email, chat, phone calls, and video calls:

  • The business cards shown in the People tab and the people information pane include icons to Send an instant message (Send an instant message icon), Call (Call icon), or Send an email message (Send an email message icon). Click an icon to start communicating with this person. Learn more about finding people and about the business card.
  • Wherever a user name is displayed in (for example in the Locations tab in columns that refer to users, or the Version History dialog), it is displayed with presence awareness (Active, Away, Do Not Disturb, and so on). Right-clicking the presence awareness icon brings up an instant messaging context menu, which allows you to start communicating with this person by chat, voice or video call, and email.
    Instant messaging context menu supports Skype for Business presence awareness for instant messaging.


  • You must be logged in to Skype for Business or Office Communicator for this feature to work.

To learn more about the mapping between SharePoint and Skype for Business users, read the knowledge base article How SharePoint usernames are mapped to Skype for Business for presence awareness.