Working with email

Working with email

Use to easily save and access email messages and attachments on SharePoint, and attach documents and list items from SharePoint to new messages.

Email messages saved on SharePoint are available to all SharePoint users, without using up disk storage space in the recipients' Inboxes.

You can also search for any text inside email messages, headers, and attachments. SharePoint button in IBM Notes.

The SharePoint button is an optional component, added to the IBM Notes email message tab, that can be used to efficiently perform the following:

To have these features available, the Mail template must be installed. Read the knowledge base article Install the mail template to activate the SharePoint button to learn how.


  • These functions are also available without the SharePoint button installed, by using drag-and-drop operations and the sidebar panel's document context menu.
  • If your Mail template is already customized, your Domino administrator will need to merge the SharePoint button into your existing Mail template.