Searching for People on SharePoint

Searching for People on SharePoint

Finding the right person can help get things done quickly. With you can search SharePoint profiles directly from Notes. You can search by name or other SharePoint user profile details, such as skills, current projects, or title. When searching for the first or last name of a person, uses SharePoint's "fuzzy search" option. This option searches for names phonetically according to the text entered in the search field. For example, entering the name John could bring up results for John, Joe, Joseph, Jonathan, etc.

There are two methods to search for people with

  1. Using the toolbar search button. This applies to all versions of IBM Notes.
  2. Using the IBM Notes search area. This applies to IBM Notes 9 / 8.5.x only.

To search for people with the toolbar search button:

Note: To search for people, you must have a configured social server.

  1. In the Locations tab, click the Search icon (The Search icon), and then select the search scope (The Search scope icon / The Search scope icon) to view search options.
    - or -
    In the People tab, select the search scope to view search options (The Search scope icon).
  2. Select People Search (People search icon).
  3. Follow one of these search options:
    • To search for a term (such as name or a profile details) in all people attributes, type the term and press Enter, or click the Search icon.
    • To search for a term in a specific attribute, such as First name, Last name, or Title:
      The search bar.
      1. Click inside the search bar, while it is empty, to open the search options. Click an attribute from the Find People by list to select it.
      2. Type the search term after the colon (:) and press Enter, or click the Search button.
        Searching for people that their first name contains 'Annie'.
      Note: the colon operator searches for people that contain the specified text. To search for an exact match, delete the colon operator and replace it with the equal (=) sign.
    • To repeat a recent search, click the search bar while it is empty to see the last 3 people search terms. Select a search term to repeat the search.
    Tip: You can copy a search query from the search bar and paste it in the SharePoint Web UI search box.
  4. Search results are displayed in the sidebar, sorted by relevance as defined by SharePoint. To learn more about the displayed information read Viewing people information.

Viewing search results.

Note: Phonetic name matching and nickname matching is available in SharePoint 2013 or later, and SharePoint 2010 (provided this feature has been enabled by the SharePoint Administrator).

Tip: While in the Recent and Colleagues / Following views of the People tab, you can start typing a name or a user profile detail to filter the list. If no matches were found, click the Try searching again in SharePoint link to start a people search.

People search using the IBM Notes search area

To search for people on the social server:

  1. In the IBM Notes search area, select People on SharePoint.
    The People on SharePoint scope in the built-in IBM Notes search bar
  2. Type a name or a profile detail and click the Search button.
  3. Search results are displayed in a new tab in Notes, sorted by relevance as defined by SharePoint. To learn more about the displayed information, read Viewing people information. From the search results, you can search explicitly for common people fields.
    The people search results are displayed inside recent versions of the IBM Notes client.