Viewing people information

Viewing people information

To learn the different ways to find a person and view their business card using, read Finding people.

Where can I view people information?

Business cards are displayed in:

  • The People tab in the sidebar, by selecting any of these views: Recent, Colleagues/Following, Updates, or Search.
    The People tab
  • The people information pane in the bottom part of the Locations tab.
    The people information pane

The business card:

By default, the short mode of the business card is displayed, both in the People tab and in the people information pane. Click the Show More icon (Show More icon) to view the full mode of the business card, and the Close icon (Close icon) button to return to the short mode.

Short mode business cards:

The short mode includes the following information:

  • PictureName, Job Title, and Department.
  • Skype for Business or Sametime presence awareness status, if logged into Skype for Business / Sametime.
    Right clicking the presence awareness icon opens a context menu, allowing you to:
    • Send Instant Message icon Send Instant Message
    • Call icon Call (with sub-menu)
    • Start Video Call icon Start Video Call
    • Send email icon Send email
    • Copy to copy the name and email address.
    • Tag for Presence Alerts

    Note: Video calls are currently not supported in Sametime.
  • Optionally, the status update message is displayed. To learn how to show or hide the status updates read viewing status updates.
  • Show feed (Show feed icon) shows this person's activity on Yammer. This action appears if Yammer integration was configured. It is enabled if the person was located on the social server.
  • Send an instant message (Send an instant message icon), and Call (Call icon) this person. These actions appear if logged in to Skype for Business / Sametime.
  • Send an email message (Send an email message icon) to this person.
  • Recent interaction icon shows the last interaction with this person: email sent () or received (), Skype for Business / Sametime interaction (). Appears only in the Recent view.
  • The More Actions icon (More Actions icon) allows you to:
    • Start Video Call icon Start Video Call with this person.
    • Go to OneDrive icon Go to ‘OneDrive’/‘My Site’ shows the documents shared with you from the person’s OneDrive/My Site in the Locations view of the sidebar. This action appears only if this person already accessed his OneDrive/My Site.
    • Add OneDrive icon Add ‘OneDrive’/‘My Site’ adds the person’s OneDrive/My Site to the list of SharePoint sites in This action appears only if this person already accessed his OneDrive/My Site.
    • Open Profile page icon Open Profile page opens the person's SharePoint profile Web page.
    • Open Sites and Blog Page Open Sites and Blog Page opens the sites and workspaces view for the person in the Web browser. If the user has set up a blog, it is visible on this Web page. This action appears if this person defined sites and blog in his OneDrive/My Site.
    • Open Organization Chart Open Organization Chart opens the person’s organizational chart Web page. This action appears when working with SharePoint 2010 or later, and if organization charts are turned on.
    • Follow person icon Follow this person, to receive updates made by him. This action appears only if you do not already follow this person.
    • Stop Following this person. This action appears only if you follow this person.

The business card

Full mode business cards:

The full mode adds the following information:

  • Work email, Work phone, Mobile phone
  • About me
  • Skills
  • Ask me about
  • Interests
  • Group memberships shows the list of groups this person is a member of.
  • Open Profile Page opens the person's full profile Web page.
  • Recent Updates show this person’s recent SharePoint activities and updates.

The full business card

To view status updates:

By default, status updates are shown in the Colleagues/Following view, and in the people information pane. To show status updates in the Recent view as well, the extended profiles mode should be enabled. To do this:

Select File > Preferences > > Social > Show extended profiles.

When status updates are enabled, the Show or hide status updates icon (The Show or hide status updates icon) is added to the toolbar allowing you to turn the status updates on or off.

Note: Setting the Show extended profiles option increases the network traffic to the server, as full profile queries are sent to the server. Full queries are sent even if the Show or hide status updates icon is toggled off.

The people information pane:

The people information pane is located in the bottom part of the Locations tab. It automatically displays the business cards of the people that are associated with a selected email message, calendar event, or SharePoint document.


  • To view people information, you must have a configured SharePoint social server.
  • Showing people information for the active email message, document, item, or calendar event, requires that the SharePoint search service is running. People in the active item are matched with profiles on the SharePoint social server using their email address. If the current site in the sidebar is on the social server, users are looked up using their account name.

To switch people information:

If multiple people are associated with the active item (for example, multiple email recipients), a down-arrow is displayed to the right of the person name.

To select a different person, click the down-arrow next to the name, and select another name from the list.

The arrow next to the person name allows you to select and view the user information of another person.

To hide the people information pane:

If you do not want to view the people information pane in, you can disable it.

Note: When the people information pane is disabled you can still click on a user’s name in the Locations tab and view their full business card in the People tab.