Building your social network

Building your social network (SharePoint 2013 or later)

This topic describes building your social network, when the configured social server is SharePoint 2013 or later.

Following people allows you to get updated about activities they have decided to share with you.

Use the Following view in the People tab to view the people you are following.

Note: To view the People tab, you must have a configured social server.

To follow people:

To add people to your Following list, do one of the following:

  • Go to the Following view > Suggested, select a person from the list and click the Follow link.
  • Find a person, and click More Actions > Follow.

The Suggested list:

The Suggested list includes SharePoint contacts you interact with frequently, who are not in your Following list. The rating for the contacts is based on the frequency of your interactions with them.

Select Follow to add the person to your Following list, or Ignore to remove the person from the Suggested list.

A badge in the Following view icon indicates that there are new 5-star contacts in your Suggested list.

Note: A badge in the People tab indicates you either have new 5-star contacts in your Suggested list, or you have unread updates in the Updates view. Click the People tab to see what is new.

To stop following a person:

Find this person in the Following list and select More Actions > Stop Following.