Accessing SharePoint calendars

Accessing SharePoint calendars allows you to integrate your SharePoint calendars with the IBM Notes Calendar application. This helps you to coordinate your personal meetings and events, with your team schedules.

Note: The SharePoint calendar integration feature is only supported in versions 9 and 8.5.x of IBM Notes, and requires the Notes 9 or 8.5 Mail template, respectively.

To start working with SharePoint calendars from IBM Notes, add a SharePoint calendar to your Calendar application. To learn how, read Adding and editing SharePoint calendars. To easily distinguish between events from different calendars, you can set the background color, text color, and icon for each calendar. You can add new SharePoint calendar events, or edit existing calendar events. To learn how, read the help topic Adding and editing SharePoint calendar events. You can also copy SharePoint calendar events to your personal calendar or copy Notes calendar entries to a SharePoint calendar.

Even when working offline, can be configured so that you can continue to view your SharePoint calendar events. To learn how, read Viewing SharePoint calendars offline.