Integrating with Yammer

Integrating with Yammer

The Yammer tab of the Updates view shows updates made by your Yammer colleagues: conversations, attachments, links, and so on. You can reply or like Yammer updates, post new updates, and share links to SharePoint documents and list items.


To view Yammer updates:

  1. Open the Updates view > Yammer.
  2. If required, Tap to login, supply your Yammer Email Address and Password, and then tap Log In.
  3. Yammer updates include icons indicating the number of:
    • Replies in the conversation ().
    • Likes in the update ().
    • Attachments in the update ().
  4. Tap the update text or the expand icon on the right of the update item (). The conversation opens displaying the main update and the replies.
  5. (Optional) Tap a document/item link to edit it (see To edit a SharePoint document and To edit a SharePoint list item).
    Note: If the document/item is on a registered SharePoint site, it opens in Otherwise, it opens in a browser.

Yammer updates

Yammer conversation

To reply and like Yammer updates:

Replying and liking actions do not apply to Mobile Lite.

  1. View the Yammer update.
  2. To reply to an update, tap the Reply link, type in your reply and then tap Post.
  3. To Like/Unlike an update or one of the replies, tap the Like/Unlike links.

To post to Yammer:

Posting to Yammer does not apply to Mobile Lite.

  1. Open the Updates view.
  2. Tap the Post icon ().
  3. Type or select from the list a group name or All Company.
  4. Type your message.
  5. Tap Post.

To share a document/item link on Yammer:

Sharing links does not apply to Mobile Lite.

  1. View document information or list item information.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Share on Yammer.
  3. Type or select from the list a group name or All Company.
  4. Optionally, type a message.
  5. Tap Post.

To search text on a Yammer post:

  1. Tap the Actions menu () > Search.
  2. Start typing in the Find search box. The list displays only updates that include the text, and the text is highlighted.
  3. To clear the search text, tap the Clear icon ().
  4. To close the search, tap Cancel.

To jump to the top or the bottom of the Yammer tab:

Tap the Actions menu () and select To Top () or To Bottom ().

To login or logout from Yammer:

Tap the Views menu () and then tap Log In with Yammer or Log Out, at the bottom.

To enable Yammer integration:

  1. Tap the Views menu () > Settings () > Updates.
  2. Set Enable Yammer to On.
  3. Set the Default Feed to one of the following:
    • My Feed - Conversations involving people, groups or topics that you are following.
    • All - All conversations in your network.