Uploading to SharePoint

Uploading to SharePoint

This feature does not apply to harmon.ie Mobile Lite.

You can upload documents, email attachments, and images/videos to:

When offline, you can upload items to offline locations and offline list items. The items will be updated to the SharePoint Server when you next go online.

To upload a document to SharePoint:

  1. In the 3rd party applications, select or open the document you want to upload, and tap File > Send.

    Uploading a document to harmon.ie

  2. Select harmon.ie.
  3. Follow the upload process.

To upload an email attachment to SharePoint:

  1. Save the attachment to your device.
  2. Tap the attachment.
  3. Under Complete action using select harmon.ie.
  4. Follow the upload process.

To upload images/videos to SharePoint:

You can upload images/videos to SharePoint using one of these methods:

To upload with the Camera action:

Note: This feature works in iOS 8.x and above.

  • You can select multiple images only from a single album.
  • To upload a single image/video from the Photos app/Gallery:

    1. Locate the image/video in the Photos app, Gallery or in any other application.
    2. Tap and hold to select the image/video.
    3. Tap Share () and select harmon.ie.
    4. Follow the upload process.
    5. Uploading an image to SharePoint

    The upload process:

    1. You are asked to select the upload location. Tap Upload.
      Select the upload location
    2. To select a location, do one of the following:
      • Select the current location (if such exists) by tapping Save here.
      • Find the required location, and then click the upload icon (), which appears next to each available location.
        If you are working offline, you can select a location you saved offline.
      • Tap the New Folder icon () to create a new folder. Enter the folder name and tap OK. Tap Save to <new folder name> to upload the item to the newly created folder.
      • To upload as an attachment to a list item, find the required item, and then tap the Attach icon () on the right.
      • Tap the Cancel icon () to cancel the upload operation.
        Save the uploaded file to SharePoint
    3. If a file with the same name already exists, an action sheet opens. Select one of the following:
      • Overwrite Existing (displays if uploading to a version disabled location)
      • Create New Version (displays if uploading to a version enabled location)
      • Update Document (displays if editing a document)
      • Create New Document. You are prompted to enter a new name for the document.
      • Select Different Location to select another SharePoint location for saving the item.
      • Cancel to cancel the upload operation.
    4. If there are required properties, the properties page opens and you are prompted to fill them. When finished tap Save.
    5. If you uploaded to a document library that requires checking out the item, the item is automatically checked out for you. Then the Check in page displays:
      Supply a check-in comment
      1. If both major and minor versions are being tracked in the document library, you are prompted to select Version Type. Tap the version and select x.x Minor version / x.0 Major version. Tap Done.
      2. Optionally, fill in a check-in comment by tapping the Comments box.
      3. Tap the Check In button.
    6. If you are working offline, the uploaded items are added to the Pending tab, and will be uploaded when you next go online.
    7. The Document Info / List Item Info of the uploaded item opens.