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Deployment and provisioning - Outlook and Notes Email can be centrally and remotely installed to all users.

It is also possible to centrally provision to all users, i.e., set initial SharePoint sites, favorite locations, and app settings.

The Customization Generator tool simplifies changing the installation files to include initial provisioning settings for all users, as well as re-branding with your own company's name and logo.

Using this tool makes it easy for your users to start working with, with no need for initial configuration.

Deployment and provisioning - Mobile Apps

The Mobile deployment process consists of the following three steps:

1. Deploy the Enterprise server component.

2. (Optional) As with Email, you can centrally provision the app to all users.

3. Instruct all the users to download Enterprise from Apple’s App Store / Google Play Store, freely, and help them to activate the app.

Workflow for deploying and installing for Mobile guides you through the steps of this process.


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For administrators

A collection of knowledge base articles explains how to administer, configure, and troubleshoot

For end users includes a vast and detailed set of documentation, explaining how to use each product feature; there are also Getting-Started guides and training videos available.