Increase Productivity

Workers spend the majority of their day in email. By eliminating the need to toggle between disconnected apps looking for information, Collage keeps workers focused. The amount of time to complete work tasks drops considerably. Focus on What Matters most.

Reduce ‘FOMO at Work’

It has been shown that the ‘fear of missing out’ at work causes stress. Collage ensures you stay up to date on critical developments, thereby reducing workplace stress.

Focus on What Matters Most

Missing an important task can be catastrophic. Collage keeps you up to date with important updates and notifications in your email window, ensuring you can attend to the most important tasks. ‘Dropping the ball’ at work will become a thing of the past.

Integrate the Tools Your Workers Are Already Using

In the new Digital Workplace, workers sign up for the cloud services that best serve their needs; without the approval of IT. By incorporating cloud service updates and notifications within Outlook and filtering them by topic, Collage empowers users to select the best cloud service tool for the job without having to worry about having another app interface to monitor.