The First ‘Go To’ app for the Digital Workplace Collage presents all the information workers need to do their jobs, in a single-screen. With Collage, workers have email, updates from business apps, documents, and social tools in one app. Collage is a launch pad for completing tasks via native apps or sharing updates by email or social tools.
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One-screen Experience

Collage brings together notification updates from all your business apps. Making the information available in one convenient location allows you to see the complete work picture.
Single-screen experience

Collage federates all your business app updates into a single app experience.

Works with leading enterprise apps

Supports Office 365 documents and email, Yammer, Salesforce, and Zendesk. More services on the way.

Context Brings Clarity

Collage automatically uncovers and then matches shared topics across all apps. Topics can be customer names, project titles, or products; essentially, any subject contained in app updates, discussions, documents, or email messages. Workers can then focus on a specific topic by filtering Collage’s federated information stream.
Automated topic extraction

Collage suggests topics based on data contained in app updates. Topics are an important way to organize information emanating from multiple apps. Grouping information related to the same topic allows workers to gain business clarity; clarity from enterprise app confusion.

Individual customization of topics

Workers can accept or amend Collage’s suggested topics to match their own naming conventions. ‘Uninteresting’ topics can be dropped so that they don’t clutter the information stream.

People context

Click on a person’s profile and immediately their updates from all information sources. Viewing information by ‘people’ allows workers to focus on top tasks related to a specific colleague.

Stay on Top of Timely Events

Follow important activities and events using Collage’s unique ‘Discover’ capabilities. Act on insights by launching the appropriate native app to complete business tasks, answer an email, or participate in a social discussion, directly from Collage.
View upcoming events

Click on topics extracted from calendar entries to focus on time-critical activities and developments. Collage helps you connect calendar events to important developments on critical projects.

Follow trending topics

Track the top topics appearing in your information stream. Top topics help you focus on updates and activities that might require immediate attention.

Open target app ‘in context’

Click on an update in Collage’s information stream and Collage opens the corresponding native app to the appropriate record, so you can take necessary steps. Works for Office 365, Salesforce1, Zendesk, and Yammer. More services are on the way.

Be part of the discussion

Click on an email message or social update in the information stream and Collage enables you to reply, by opening the appropriate email message, Yammer form, or Chatter form.