Microsoft Office 365 Email Retention / Disposition

Microsoft Office 365 Email Retention / Disposition

If you have instituted an email retention or disposition program using Office 365 / Microsoft 365, is a godsend. That’s because makes it easy for business workers to capture and classify critical emails on SharePoint, auto-classified with email header metadata, all without leaving Outlook. also empowers workers to supply additional metadata when required. With email captured and classified correctly, it has never been easier to find important emails.

  • Save on Email Storage

    Reduce expensive storage space by keeping only important emails, in a central location – Microsoft 365. With, you save one copy of each email thread on SharePoint, while maintaining a version history. Microsoft 365 access permissions are strictly maintained. Office 365 email retention policies are a snap to implement.

  • Reduce Risk of Security Breaches

    Storing business-critical important emails on SharePoint and eliminating the rest, protects you from cybersecurity risks. Rest assured you retain only the important emails you may need for legal defense, e-discovery, audit, or compliance needs.

  • Comply With Industry Regulations helps you comply with industry regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, by making it easy to assign ‘retention labels’ to emails that were uploaded to Microsoft 365 using… without leaving Outlook.

Bosch case study

The combined SharePoint/ solution helps Bosch manage its millions of daily emails, including those business records that need to be accessed by colleagues.

"We want everybody to use, because once you use it, you love it."

Daniel Stuch Bosch Senior Project Leader Application Development and Rollout

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