This is the first year that a customer is in the running for the Forrester Research Groundswell Awards.
Take a look at the enterprise collaboration projects, and vote for your favorite enterprise collaboration project!   (Naturally, we think ABB is a winner!):
Fortune Global 250 power and automation technologies conglomerate ABB initiated a global collaboration program to build competitive advantage by facilitating interaction and information sharing among its 124,000 employees. A cornerstone of the program is You@ABB, a personal productivity portal within the email window that provides one-stop access to corporate and team documents; a calendar merging all personal and team meetings, events, and tasks; a social and professional directory; and access to communications such as chat for fast collaborative work. Other components include Team Spaces, which facilitate collaboration by consolidating shared documents, tasks, calendars, discussions and blogs in one spot; a basic content management system, which hosts underlying content; and unified communications, which integrates multiple communication channels. Enabling technologies include Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Lotus Notes and Sametime, EMC Documentum and social email.
While not yet fully deployed, the ABB Collaboration Program has already improved team communication and cooperation. In the first year after rollout of Team Spaces, 2,400 team sites were set up for project, departmental and regional work, and the collaboration tools were being used by more than half of SharePoint-authorized users (nearly a quarter of the total workforce). Participation jumped significantly when the deployment began midway through the year, with a doubling of team sites and a 35% rise in unique weekly users in the ensuing four months. The success stems from's ability to vastly simplify collaboration by eliminating multi-step navigation for document storage and retrieval, providing a direct interface to document libraries and the people directory from the You@ABB portal in the email window, and enabling instant connectivity to colleagues from the same personal portal - in other words, by transforming email into a true collaboration workspace.