There are a few products that have significant impact on an organizations’ ability to collaborate and share mission critical information. We believe is one of those products.


An online survey of survey of 1,000 IT users conducted by online market research firm uSamp (United Sample) and commissioned by validates the choice of email as the hub for multiple computing activities. In the survey, 78% of respondents reported a greater willingness to use collaboration and social business tools if they are accessible in the familiar email work environment. Nearly nine out of 10 users indicated that they publish documents and/or emails on a collaboration platform when they can do so from within email, a 75% increase over those without an integrated email option. 

Then based on a follow-on survey of 642 users, the majority of our customers agree that + SharePoint increases efficiency and document sharing while overall usage of SharePoint increases dramatically.   

We created this infographic to highlight the striking before and after effect of SharePoint usage after deploying in Outlook or Notes. The results stunned us, and we’re pleased to play a significant role in our customer’s collaboration efforts. 


Take a look:


SharePoint - Before and After