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Hundreds of records managers, information governance and compliance professionals, and information managers converged in Chicago at the MER Conference this week to discuss the challenges and trends facing information professionals today.

The event was marked by insightful sessions given by dozens of information experts, practitioners and solution providers.

The MER Conference, the only event exclusively focusing on technical, operational, and legal issues dealing with life-cycle management of electronic records, couldn’t come at a better time, as organizations are constantly facing barriers to dealing with information governance.

MER was capped by a brilliant session given by independent consultant, Bruce Miller, from RIMtech, on the need to consider email in records management and information governance initiatives. 

With email representing at least 80% of records, it comes to no surprise that capturing important emails remains the biggest compliance roadblock in organizations.

A packed room heard Bruce discuss the benefits of good information governance and the importance of the ‘last mile’ of compliance – capturing and classifying emails in systems of record, like SharePoint. VP, David Lavenda, then explained how the email client, such as Outlook, can help business users capture and classify emails without having to change their daily work patterns.

Email is the place work gets done, according to Lavenda. It is the focal point for all important incoming notifications.

Yet, a staggering 47% of information governance professionals claim that their biggest challenge with producing emails when obligated to do so is actually finding them, based on the industry report, “The One Email You Can’t Ignore.”

With the storing and classifying of emails in ECMs, like SharePoint, posing a challenge,, the go-to solution for taking the pain out of SharePoint use, makes accurately classifying emails as records, in order to find them for audits and discovery, simple.

An in-depth demonstration by VP, Ron Johnsen, showed conference attendees how to conquer the ‘last mile’ by enabling business users to capture and classify emails in SharePoint directly from their Outlook email window.

(Ron Johnsen, VP Services at

As the session came to a close, a barrage of questions followed as attendees were eager to learn more about how this can be done.

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Danielle Arad
Digital Marketing Manager