It’s been a busy few weeks to put all the pieces in place, but today’s the day.
Because today is announcing the industry’s first and only wall-to-wall partnership with all the leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) suppliers including Airwatch, Citrix Ready, Good Technology, MobileIron, and Samsung KNOX. The partnerships create the first seamless solutions for secure, enterprise-grade, full-featured access to Office 365 and SharePoint from any mobile device.  As part of the announcement, the market-leading MDM products now integrate fully with on iOS and Android devices.  Enterprise customers can now rest assured that no matter which MDM solution they select, works securely and seamlessly with their preferred security solution.
What does this mean for enterprise customers? It means they can now go beyond just providing email and calendaring to their mobile workers and let them get some real work done by collaborating with colleagues on documents – the way business really gets done.
With SharePoint/Office 365 being used in 80% of enterprise companies – this is exactly what organizations have been sorely lacking in order to get real business value out of their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs. Under these programs, workers received slick new smartphones and tablets, but they couldn’t really use them to do their jobs.  Because what they really need is a way to share and collaborate on contracts, proposals, and project plans that are stored in SharePoint.  
In lieu of an approved document sharing app for SharePoint, workers have been going ‘rogue’ in droves by subscribing to unsecure consumer-grade document sharing and sync programs like Dropbox. In fact, in a recent survey, 41% of enterprise workers admitted to using these services in the last six months. But a whopping 27% of these rogues got burned…admitting to negative consequences; from lost business to litigation to financial damages for their employers. 
But today all that is in the past. Because today,, together with Airwatch, Citrix, Good Technology, MobileIron, and Samsung KNOX is announcing the industry’s first secure, enterprise-grade mobile app for Office 365 and SharePoint. And as part of today’s announcement, for Android, the newest member of the family joins its iOS and BlackBerry siblings to round out’s mobile app portfolio.  
Customers are already loving it.  Russell Lampart, IT Manager at Hazen and Sawyer, a leading engineering company had this to say: “The Android version is simple and straightforward. It is so easy to use…it just works, which is great because our engineers are busy doing their jobs, which rely heavily on shared documents. We don’t have time to train our busy staff to use SharePoint. is just what we need to be productive.”
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