Who ensures that SharePoint runs smoothly in 80% of the world’s largest organizations?  It is a veritable army of SharePoint consultants, systems integrators, and experts who support and ensure the success of major SharePoint-based initiatives.  Within this army, who are the most important people that craft the community mindshare and build the best products and practices, develop training, and provide professional services to the world SharePoint market? 

To find out, in 2011 and 2012, harmon.ie ran Top 25 Online SharePoint Influencers studies. These campaigns recognized the most prominent SharePoint international online thought leaders. Specifically, those studies looked at people’s influence as reflected by their online influence via activities such as blogs and Twitter. 

Now, for the first time, harmon.ie polled the European community to create a “people’s choice award” for SharePoint influence to see who the community recognizes as their ‘first among equals.’    The results were amazing. Over 2000 community members voted during January – an astounding response for a first-time community vote.  At the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen last night, in a packed banquet hall, the atmosphere was absolutely electric as harmon.ie co-founder and CEO, Yaacov Cohen, presented the awards and the community recognized their premier representatives. Cheers went out for the top winners, who came up to the stage to receive their awards. 

One interesting outcome of the campaign is how apparent it is became that the European SharePoint community is comprised of a tightly-knit network of regional communities.  To highlight this theme, we have created a country map infographic of the leading influencers in each European country, as reflected in the results of community poll. 

See the complete list of winners and to get all the facts, including some interesting campaign statistics, here

To view an infographic of the Top 25 European SharePoint Influencers, click here.