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Deployment and Provisioning
harmon.ie for Outlook administration guideStep-by-step procedure for installing harmon.ie for Outlook for a pilot group or for the whole organization.
Install / uninstall harmon.ie for OutlookInstalling / uninstalling harmon.ie for Outlook.
Install harmon.ie centrally and remotelyInstalling harmon.ie for all users centrally and remotely.
harmon.ie Customization ToolSimplifying the customization of the harmon.ie Email installation.
Teams integration setupHow to configure the integration with Teams.
Save email headers in SharePoint and search for emails by email headersHow to configure email header mapping for storing emails on SharePoint and for searching by email header
Configure Search by Managed PropertiesHow to configure harmon.ie to search for documents saved to SharePoint Online by Managed Properties.
SharePoint configuration requirements for harmon.ieConfiguring the SharePoint Server for Outlook access.
Provision harmon.ie for Outlook to all usersProvisioning harmon.ie preferences for all users, centrally and remotely.
Provision SharePoint sites using the user profile serviceLearn how to provision sites for all users, in all harmon.ie clients (mobile and desktop), using the user profile service.
Update harmon.ie Email licenseUpdating an expired license file, centrally or manually.
Using harmon.ie
Tips & tricks for using harmon.ie EmailDiscover some of harmon.ie cool features and become a real harmon.ie expert.
Learn the differences in search results between harmon.ie and SharePointUnderstanding why there may be different search results using SharePoint's Web interface versus harmon.ie add-in.
Configuring and Administering
Restricting SharePoint sites to usersPreventing users from adding certain SharePoint sites to harmon.ie.
Add My Links to the sites and favorites listsAdding sites and links from users' My Links groups to the sites and the favorites list.
Access Custom OneDrive/My Sites in harmon.ieConfigure harmon.ie to connect to custom OneDrive/My Site hosts.
Migrate SharePoint on-premises sites and favorites to Microsoft 365This feature was built to help companies that upgraded their environment from SharePoint on-premises to Microsoft 365 to automatically update harmon.ie with the new SharePoint URLs.
Add SharePoint custom Result Sources/Search Scopes to harmon.ieIntegrating SharePoint Result Sources/Search Scopes into harmon.ie search scopes.
Automatic configuration of mapping email headers to SharePoint properties and email headers searchUse PowerShell scripts to configure mapping email headers to SharePoint metadata and searching by email headers
Manual configuration of mapping email headers to SharePoint propertiesHow to save email headers in SharePoint properties when uploading emails to SharePoint.
Manual configuration of searching by email headersHow to configure searching for emails by email headers (Cc, To, From, and Subject)
Optimize email management with harmon.ieOptimize filing email messages to SharePoint by administering harmon.ie to force prompting the user to save email messages on SharePoint and automatically save threaded email messages to the same SharePoint location.
Enable email previewingConfigure the SharePoint library for previewing email messages saved on SharePoint.
Set mail content type when uploading email messages to SharePointSetting a default content type for email messages as they are uploaded to SharePoint.
Automated saving and tagging of email attachments on SharePointHow to setup harmon.ie and SharePoint to automatically save email attachments to SharePoint, with metadata.
Save email messages with unique namesSaving each email message uploaded to SharePoint with a unique name
Open an application page for uploaded documents and emailsLearn how to use harmon.ie to open a SharePoint application page after an email message is sent, or open the application page directly from the sidebar.
Enable surfacing harmon.ie favorites to Office dialogsHow to enable surfacing harmon.ie favorites to Office Open / Save As dialogs.
Define a per-folder content typeUsing harmon.ie to define SharePoint content types that will be available in certain folders only.
Configure a default view for Document SetsConfiguring a SharePoint view which is displayed in harmon.ie for Document Sets only.
Hide designated content types from the New Document dropdown menuHiding designated content types in harmon.ie
Assign icons to uploaded Outlook itemsHow to assign the correct icons for uploaded appointments, meetings, contacts, tasks, and posts.
Enable verifying recipients access to document linksConfiguring harmon.ie to verify that your email SharePoint recipients have access to document links you send them.
Synchronize SharePoint updates between harmon.ie clientsSynchronizing the Updates view between all user’s clients (desktop and mobile).
Connect a SharePoint library or folder to OutlookSynchronizing a SharePoint library or folder and make its items available offline using Microsoft Outlook.
Collect SharePoint usage dataCollecting usage data of harmon.ie and SharePoint automatically and periodically.
Use IIS logging to monitor SharePoint activityUsing IIS logging to get information about harmon.ie’s success in driving SharePoint adoption.
Modify harmon.ie labels and imagesReplacing the harmon.ie logo with your company name and logo.
Use harmon.ie SDK to customize upload to SharePoint behaviorUsing harmon.ie SDK to tailor harmon.ie and develop a module that manipulates the items uploaded to SharePoint.
Send connection failure logs to an internal email addressRe-directing "Send Report" connection logs to an internal IT Service Desk email address instead of harmon.ie Support.
Browser login window does not closeResolving an issue that the Browser Authentication dialog is not automatically closed.
harmon.ie slows down in Windows 10 version 1709How to resolve a slow down in harmon.ie after upgrading to Windows 10 version 1709.
harmon.ie prompts for SharePoint password upon restartWhat to do if you are prompted for the SharePoint password each time you open Outlook.
'Discover more sites' does not return all site collectionsWhat to do if harmon.ie does not return all site collections when running 'Discover more sites'
32-bit Outlook displays black or white boxes and/or blank contentHow to mitigate black or white boxes and/or blank content in 32-bit Outlook.
harmon.ie for Outlook is grayed out and inaccessibleWhat to do if harmon.ie for Outlook add-in is grayed out and inaccessible after updating Office 2016?
Fail to attach a document to an email messageWhat to do if you fail to attach a document to an email message.