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Collecting usage data on the client is useful to get statistics for how drives SharePoint adoption in the organization.

What data is collected?

The collected data contains a list of all SharePoint operations that have been initiated from Each SharePoint action logs the time, the Windows and SharePoint usernames, the SharePoint location, and the document file name / extension only (as configured in the registry). Passwords are not stored in the usage data.

The SharePoint activity log files are zipped to one file and sent by email periodically.

How to collect usage data?

In for Outlook and for Notes

Add the usage data registry keys to the registry tree. To learn how, read the knowledge base article Provision for Outlook or Provision for Notes.

In for Notes

Another method of collecting usage data in for Notes is using the Managed Settings section of a desktop policy settings document:

  1. Create a desktop policy settings document.
  2. On the Custom Settings tab, open the Managed Settings tab, and click Edit policy > Edit list to specify the values according to the table below.
  3. Click Add/Modify Value, and save the document.
  4. Assign this desktop policy to the users you want to collect usage logs from.
UsageLogsEmail <email address> com.mainsoft.sharepoint.sidebar The recipient for the usage data emails.
UsageLogsTargetFolder <Full path to folder> com.mainsoft.sharepoint.sidebar Folder in which usage logs will be saved. This value can replace the TargetEmail value, or be defined in addition to it.
Note: The folder path syntax is UNC, e.g. \\ComputerName\SharedFolder.
UsageLogsInterval <number of days> com.mainsoft.sharepoint.sidebar The number of days between sending the collected usage data emails.


  • The settings in the desktop policy settings document take precedence over the settings in the registry.
  • This feature requires Domino Server 8.5. Contact if you want to automatically receive usage logs for earlier versions of Domino Server. can provide you with an installation package which pre-configures the recipient email address and the interval for sending the log files.