Ensure success and adoption of Office 365TM initiatives in the enterprise with harmon.ie 4.0 new features

Although hundreds of millions of people own iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices, there are no apps for using Office 365 and on-premise SharePoint. Until now….

harmon.ie 4.0 brings, for the first time, a consistent, unified user experience across all elements of Office 365 including ‘in the cloud’ and on-premise SharePoint, as well as Yammer and Office Web apps, in all the places people need to work – mobile devices, the desktop, and the cloud.

The only Office 365 and SharePoint app for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

Business users can, for the first time, embrace Office 365 and SharePoint for secure document and social collaboration, anywhere, anytime on their BlackBerry.

The apps run within the BlackBerry Work perimeter and provide full-featured SharePoint and Office Web Apps functionality, including secure connectivity and offline document access.

New harmon.ie 4.0 Capabilities

Native Apps for Office 365 on all popular devices

harmon.ie 4.0 provides a rich Microsoft Office experience with embedded Office Web Apps, rather than just limited mobile browser access.

Enterprise document security on mobile devices

harmon.ie 4.0 supports data-less mobile devices with Office Web Apps. Documents and the document editors reside in the cloud, so the device cannot be compromised.

Secure offline support is provided for BlackBerry 10, out of the box.

Yammer with SharePoint Online or on Premise

Yammer social interaction

harmon.ie 4.0 brings Yammer social interactions directly into the user’s email window, on the desktop and in the cloud.

Yammer micro-blogging

Now users can take advantage of Yammer’s micro-blogging capabilities, all within the email window, where many people spend much of their work time.

SkyDrive Pro inside Outlook

Offline support

harmon.ie 4.0 lets users synchronize SharePoint libraries directly from email and have the content available to them while they are offline.

Ad-Hoc sharing

harmon.ie 4.0 enables users to share documents using SkyDrive Pro directly from the email client. Documents that are attached to an email message from SkyDrive, can be automatically shared with the email recipients.

Preview documents

Preview documents directly from email

With harmon.ie 4.0, users can now preview SharePoint documents directly from the email client without downloading the document.

Locating the right document has never been easier!