This may be asking a bit much, but with the relatively recent release of a Google Tasks API, it would be wonderful if these could also be accessed through the Add-on. Working for an organization that is migrating to Google Apps from Exchange, we will lose our ability to sync tasks between Outlook and Google Apps web interface. This is a feature that will be sorely missed. With credentials already granted for access to Google Docs, a small tab to toggle to Google Tasks would be an outstanding addition to an already wonderful product.

What are the other

What are the other alternatives for the Google Tasks page? suggestion are cordially welcomed..

Google group memberships

Since Outlook has tasks

Since Outlook has tasks interface, the natural approach would be to sync Outlook and Google tasks (similar to calendar events) instead of creating an alternative tasks interface in a sidebar. Did you try

Consistency of features

As cited on GogTasks page, there are several differences in the features available in Outlook's Tasks and Google's Tasks. This means that if a user leverages on of the Outlook features not supported by Google, the sync will be incomplete.

Google Tasks have in general fewer features than Outlook tasks. In addition to the already mentioned multiple category option, Outlook lets you set a Start date, Priority, Completion Percentage number and more. Google Tasks have none of these. On the other hand, Google does have a Task hierarchy. A task may be a subtask of another task. All these unique features of the individual systems are technically impossible to synchronize.

While I'd love to be able to say that anyone would be able to grasp these differences, I think that reality is otherwise. By leveraging Google's Tasks API, it should be possible to provide a task manager whose feature set and functionality is identical, whether the user logs in via Outlook with, or GMail/Google Apps.

While I confess total ignorance to how Outlook plugins are written, or what kind of data can be easily displayed in a sidebar window like's, even if it were possible to toggle to Google's mobile version of Tasks into the sidebar as is and then toggle back to Docs, that would do the trick.

I just want to know that my features are going to match exactly regardless of where I'm accessing my tasks from.

This is a wish, not an expectation of the developers. I am thrilled to have what I do have and will happily continue using it.