harmon.ie customers rely on harmon.ie for SharePoint Enterprise to increase in productivity, collaboration, and people’s ability to focus on the task at hand through vastly increased SharePoint adoption.

American Water
Industry: Utilities

This water and wastewater utility company is deploying SharePoint and harmon.ie to IT users in 33 US states and Canadian provinces.

"When we polled people in a recent survey about our ‘single pane of glass’ collaboration concept, 90% voiced strong support for the initiative and the idea of using a few common platforms to simplify and expedite work. As the connector between SharePoint and Lotus Notes, harmon.ie is playing a major role in delivering the one-stop email, collaboration and communications gateway that will power the entire effort."

- Steve Brescia, Enterprise Architect

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Industry: Consumer Goods

Since completing its harmon.ie deployment, Amway reports a 42 percent decrease in the average daily volume of email attachments sent by its 6,000 email users working in headquarters. The company estimates the investment in harmon.ie software will pay for itself within six months, based on the substantial time savings realized using harmon.ie to access SharePoint versus having to switch contexts and open a browser as well as savings in email storage costs.

“Our business users love having SharePoint access within email. The amount of time people save using a single, easy-to-use messaging and collaboration interface has been a huge advantage for our customers.”

- Sandy Harvey, Senior Analyst, Messaging & Collaboration

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Industry: Energy, Insurance

American Nuclear Insurers (ANI) uses SharePoint as its enterprise content management platform. They also use harmon.ie for SharePoint to enable people to store emails and voicemails alongside the documents they are working with.

"Whenever employees collaborate on a project document using SharePoint, we see a secondary collaborative process in Outlook and Exchange. harmon.ie for SharePoint provides a robust link between these two Microsoft platforms, making it easy for people to participate in the content management process and making collaborative content development easier."

- Dan Antion, Vice President of Information Services

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BAE Systems Australia
Industry: Defense & Space

Global defense contractor BAE Systems chose Australia as the location of a pilot deployment of SharePoint 2010, known as Project Olympia, spearheading a roll out of a new document and records management system to a large part of its 100,000 strong workforce across the globe. harmon.ie for SharePoint is providing a critical part of the solution, providing simple integration between the Outlook 2010 email client and SharePoint 2010.

"We needed a third party component for pulling email and email attachments into the SharePoint world as well as assisting the user to apply metadata and handle attachments at the same time. This is not natively supported in Outlook 2010. We reviewed and evaluated a few options, and ended up going with harmon.ie."

- Brett Penno, Team Lead - Information Lifecycle Management, BAE Systems Australia

Industry: Rail Infrastructure

Banedanmark (BDK for short), provides the rail infrastructure for the country of Denmark. BDK keeps the trains on track 24 hours a day, year-round, by making sure the tracks, signals and safety systems are properly maintained, by renovating the network, and by building new lines.

BDK’s 2500 employees together with its myriad partners operate, maintain, and upgrade more than 2,000 km of railway infrastructure, which each year is used to transport 170 million passengers and 15 million tons of cargo across Denmark, using 3,000 trains operating out of 300 stations, with 40,000 daily arrivals and departures.

“Many of our employees, especially engineers, embraced harmon.ie early on. There was a great need to catalog and store email messages. Once we saw how easy this was with harmon.ie, we expanded our use to include internal documents and later to documents shared with outside contractors.”

- BaneDanmark Information Manager

BearingPoint GmbH
Industry: Management Consulting, IT Consulting, Professional Services

This management and technology consulting company reports an immediate, dramatic increase in SharePoint use to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among consulting teams in 14 countries.

"Even in the first month after deploying harmon.ie, we saw immediate improvements in document sharing and other collaboration activities. It’s taking the pain out of SharePoint use, and that’s a vital step in facilitating project work and ensuring documents and correspondence are available for long-term use."

- Anke Riesner, IT Director

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The City of Langford
Industry: Government

Canadian Municipality City of Langford is rolling out an Enterprise Content Management and document collaboration system to mitigate financial risk, speed information access and streamline document collaboration to better support public services such as downtown revitalization and administration of the building code for the rapidly growing community. Historically, heavy reliance on email for communication and collaboration exposed the city to considerable financial risk.

“Many employees don’t understand the importance of records management or meeting regulatory or financial requirements. What they care about are technologies like harmon.ie that make life at work easier. Today, city employees regularly use SharePoint to access and share information as well as collaborate on documents now that it’s a snap to do.”

- Mike Palmer, Manager of Information Technology for the City of Langford

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Continental AG
Industry: Automotive, Engineering

In 2009, this global automotive supplier launched a corporate-wide collaboration initiative designed to drive innovation and efficiency by facilitating knowledge exchange among the company’s 80,000 information workers.

"With harmon.ie bridging the gap between the email and SharePoint, Continental is enabling seamless document collaboration that is critical to helping us break the cycle of ‘knowledge monopolies’ and leverage the collective intelligence of our employees."

- Juergen Hagg, Continental's Head of Department, Global Applications & Solutions

Federal Government Agency
Industry: Government

This Federal Government Agency is tasked with capturing and retaining important documents and email messages and is also unofficially chartered with setting the record management standard practice for the entire federal government.

With harmon.ie, the entire record capture, classification, and retention policy became completely transparent to the end user. Today, government workers continue to do what they did before, save documents to project folders, yet now they comply with government records management requirements.

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Frank, Rimerman + Co., LLP
Industry: Accounting, Professional Services

Certified public accountancy Frank, Rimerman + Co., LLP uses harmon.ie to promote SharePoint-based document collaboration and to store client correspondence alongside related documents.

"Best practices for document collaboration are in place, but SharePoint and our content management system were used inconsistently because SharePoint is inconvenient to access using a browser. People love harmon.ie, and they’re using SharePoint regularly now that it’s so convenient to use from Microsoft Outlook."

- Michael Takita, Director of IT

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The French Banking Federation
Industry: Finance & Banking

This professional organization representing 450 commercial, cooperative, and mutual banks operating in France deployed Office SharePoint Server to speed the development of policy-related documents. The company purchased harmon.ie for SharePoint to accelerate SharePoint adoption and enable employees to publish, classify, and archive emails within the context of the documents they relate to.

“harmon.ie for SharePoint enables our distributed teams to collaborate with member banks, subject matter experts, lawyers, and regulators more efficiently on documents, and with a high degree of confidence they have all relevant email correspondence at their fingertips.”

- Federic Guinet, Director of IT

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LORAM Maintenance of Way
Industry: Rail manufacturer

Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. is a leading international supplier of railway infrastructure and track maintenance machinery and services. Prior to deploying harmon.ie, Loram Maintenance was making do with their native Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure and Lotus Notes, living as separate entities. The company found that workers were sending approximately 50 emails daily, with 300MB document attachments; this load was increasingly eating away at storage limitations. As such, Loram began to look for a solution that could reduce storage space and improve collaboration.

“We have nothing but positive comments about harmon.ie. Our users are very happy with it.”

Business Analyst, Loram Maintenance of Way

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Industry: Insurance

Milliman actuarial and financial consultants use harmon.ie to streamline SharePoint document collaboration and records management.

At Milliman, ‘documents are the business.’ harmon.ie helps Milliman create an efficient document workflow that ensures documents are properly reviewed, stored, documented, and indexed for search.

Milliman users are delighted with the results harmon.ie has provided; the manual process of storing and routing an email message used to take 5 minutes, it is now instantaneous.

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Industry: Manufacturing, Engineering

SPX is a multi-industry manufacturing leader with operations in more than 35 countries and approximately 15,000 associates worldwide. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX generates more than $5 billion in annual revenue.

Through acquisitions and focused organic growth, SPX has evolved from a U.S.-centric automotive component manufacturer with less than $1 billion in sales, to a globally diversified provider of highly engineered, innovative products and technologies that support two critical needs of modern societies: power and energy; and foods and beverages.

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The Missouri Department of Transportation
Industry: Government, Transportation, Construction

MoDOT is using SharePoint metadata to track and report on documents under the credo that “whatever is not measured does not succeed.” harmon.ie is being used to make it easy for employees and contractors to upload, classify, and then find important documents.

Using harmon.ie to ‘make it is easy to do the right thing’ has proven an extremely effective way to drive SharePoint adoption to fulfill business requirements.

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VINCI Energies
Industry: Oil & Energy

Vinci Energies selected harmon.ie to power a SharePoint-based Enterprise Content Management initiative to accurately classify and retain important business documents.

“Our users are very happy. Using harmon.ie is smooth, intuitive, and it does'nt require a training program. harmon.ie focuses on the needs of the business user.”

- Deborah Beury, Director of Collaboration and Specific Application

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Ace Parking Management, Inc.
Industry: Hospitality

To overcome employees’ lukewarm response to SharePoint, and to streamline its 2011 budget cycle, Ace Parking Management, Inc. plans to deploy harmon.ie for SharePoint to hundreds of managers tasked with preparing Excel-based budgets.

“Mainsoft hit a home run with harmon.ie. Hooking SharePoint onto the backend, and making it palatable by integrating it into people’s familiar email environment, gives people the opportunity to realize the value of SharePoint for document collaboration and version control, without shocking them with a major new IT implementation.”

- Jon Gjerset, CIO

Batteriid Architects
Industry: Architecture

"People were not happy with SharePoint, because it took too many steps to actually use SharePoint as part of day-to-day project work. So they continued to email thousands of schematic design, design development, and construction documents back and forth throughout the project.

"harmon.ie has changed all that. Today, people use harmon.ie and SharePoint to collaborate on all our projects, as well as collect documents and important emails in a centralized place.”

- Þórarinn Malmquist, a Partner and Quality Manager

Belgium Ministry of Finance
Industry: Government, Finance & Banking

Employees at the Belgian Ministry of Finance rely on Windows SharePoint Services to collaborate on large tax fraud inquiries.

“Our team has a strong Windows background, and they use SharePoint intensively. We use harmon.ie to integrate SharePoint with email, and consolidate the IBM and Microsoft environments, to eliminate time-consuming context switches and improve people’s quality of life at work.”

- Bart Meskens, IT Project Leader

Cheisi France
Industry: Pharmaceutical

This pharmaceutical manufacturer is deploying harmon.ie to encourage its employee communities to switch from Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint 2010 for document collaboration.

"People are reluctant to change their work habits, regardless of how much time they waste emailing documents back and forth. harmon.ie's strength is its total integration with Outlook. Since harmon.ie is very user friendly, people can begin using SharePoint document links and version control within email, without any formal training."

- Eric Cohen, CIO

Industry: Management Consulting

harmon.ie's drag-and-drop support for email was a ‘must have’ for coretelligence to choose SharePoint for collaborating on client projects and new product development.

"harmon.ie provides an easy way to archive email records with complete metadata on SharePoint. We can use Outlook to provide the fastest, easiest way to search, access, and archive emails and documents from within the context of our daily work routine."

- Andreas Wilmsmeier, Managing Director

Industry: International Trade and Development

In 2007, this international development company deployed Office SharePoint Server for its corporate document sharing and collaboration portal. However, SharePoint had not been as universally adopted as hoped.

"We're investing in harmon.ie for SharePoint to make it as easy as possible for our users to upload email attachments on SharePoint, as well as share document links as part of the collaboration process…. We expect a notable increase in SharePoint use in the next twelve months."

- Steve Mullen, Director of IT

DWA installation and energy consultants
Industry: Renewables & Environment

Employees began using harmon.ie and SharePoint 2010 to share project-related emails and documents immediately, without any formal training.

"harmon.ie’s fast, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop system works remarkably well. In the first month we deployed harmon.ie, users have uploaded more than 100,000 email messages to SharePoint."

- Alex van Heteren, SharePoint Administrator

The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA)
Industry: Government, Education

The GSBA deployed SharePoint 2010 as its enterprise content management system (ECM) but discovered that Outlook lacks the native ability to save documents to SharePoint.

"That's a big problem, considering our users spend most of the workday in email. harmon.ie fills this gap beautifully, bringing SharePoint to email users so they don't have to jump through hoops to access the ECM. We expect harmon.ie will make all the difference in the adoption of SharePoint and the overall success of the ECM project."

- Drew Clark, Information Technology Manager

Hazen and Sawyer
Industry: Environmental Services, Professional Services

Environmental engineering firm Hazen and Sawyer has fully deployed Microsoft SharePoint for document collaboration and control. However, while everyone has to use SharePoint to access project specifications and submittals, IT Manager Russell Lampart estimates that only 40 percent use SharePoint for document collaboration and no one uploads project emails into shared workspaces. That’s changing as the company deploys harmon.ie.

"Easily 75 percent of people that have harmon.ie use it regularly to upload emails and attachments on SharePoint. What people love about harmon.ie is it’s simple, it’s straight forward, and it works."

- Russell Lampart, IT Manager

Health Resources and Services Administration
Industry: Government

Two years ago, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) began deploying Microsoft SharePoint to improve administrative operations and support people who manage and execute 100 plus grant programs. HRSA purchased harmon.ie to give employees simple, drag-and-drop access to SharePoint within email, where people spend a large part of their workday.

"Easy, convenient access to SharePoint is the key to bringing everyone on board, so they can collaborate better and have immediate access to the people and information they need."

- Steve Smith, Director of Collaboration Services

Industry: Government

User adoption of Office SharePoint Server 2007 has been strong at the Instuto Nacional de Seguros in Costa Rica: in six months, 90 Lotus Notes users uploaded more than a terabyte of data onto SharePoint.

"harmon.ie for SharePoint brings two worlds together so employees can share project documents in a centralized document repository and manage team calendars from email, where they spend a large part of their workday."

- Katty Ramirez, Licensed Systems Administrator

Kawasaki Robotics
Industry: Industrial Automation

This leading supplier of industrial robots and automation systems is replacing massive hard copy binders used for document sharing and archiving with SharePoint team collaboration sites.

"We selected Windows SharePoint Services because it comes bundled with Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Business Portal Software, which we're using for accounting, enterprise resource planning, and inventory management. By integrating Lotus Notes with SharePoint, as well as our Lotus Sametime-based unified communications platform, we can meet all document collaboration and communication needs in a single application."

- Scott Marchione, Applications Developer

Industry: Oil & Energy, Transportation

This world-leading independent storage partner for oils, chemicals, and gases, is using harmon.ie for SharePoint, Notes Edition, to integrate its SharePoint-based IT documentation system with Lotus Notes 8.

"harmon.ie for SharePoint has been a lifesaver. It allows our IT staff to use SharePoint as a document management tool for collaborating with consultants on IT projects and systems.”

- Mike Overhoff, IT Manager, Americas

RK Harrison Group, Ltd.
Industry: Insurance

This U.K.-based insurance and reinsurance broker deployed harmon.ie as part of its user-centric strategy to bring document collaboration, document management and client correspondence into a single window within people’s day-to-day work environments.

"The only real way to eliminate document chaos and get email correspondence into our document management system is to incorporate SharePoint into people’s preferred work environments, including Outlook and our insurance policy management CRM system. Using harmon.ie, people readily search, access and share email and documents on SharePoint, without having to bail out of email or deal with distracting context switches. It’s what SharePoint-email integration is supposed to be."

- Darren Knowles, Group Data and Communications Manager

SACMI Imola S.C.
Industry: Manufacturing

This international group manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Beverage & Packaging, Processing and Plastics industries, purchased harmon.ie to allow its technical support team to easily upload and share customer emails and document on SharePoint.

“We needed an application to improve our email connection with SharePoint, and Alya srl, our local Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recommended harmon.ie. harmon.ie is very useful. It works well and is very easy to use. Our technical support team uses it every day.”

- Andrea Mascagni, Network Manager

Industry: Mining & Metals

One of the world’s top ten largest steel producers, Tata Steel replaced custom document collaboration systems with a low-cost option based on Windows SharePoint Services. They used harmon.ie for SharePoint to facilitate the migration.

“Our business users transitioned to SharePoint easily, with minimal hand-holding, no formal training, and no complaints.”

- Chris Sparrow, Solutions Delivery Manager

TRAC Records, Inc
Industry: Information Technology and Services

According to Marcel Roy, founder of records and information management consultancy TRAC Records, Inc., end users aren’t concerned about records management or meeting regulatory or financial requirements.

"What people care about is technology that makes their lives easier. They want fast, easy access to information, including documents and emails that otherwise get locked up in everyone’s personal mailboxes. People love harmon.ie because it makes email and document sharing so easy. It’s a snap to use!"

- Marcel Roy, Founder

William A. Hazel, Inc.
Industry: Construction

This site development contractor deployed SharePoint to give project teams a central document repository. Unfortunately, most people ignored SharePoint while some project managers’ email boxes ballooned to 50 gigabytes.

“What was missing was the ability to drag-and-drop emails and attachments to SharePoint, which harmon.ie delivers. Today, our team uses harmon.ie to publish and retrieve emails and document attachments on SharePoint, as we had intended.”

- Ken Holsopple, Senior Network Administrator