April 20-22, 2015

April 20-22, 2015
London, UK

Dec 4-5, 2014

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Dec 4-5, 2014
San Diego, CA

November 25-26, 2014

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November 25-26, 2014,
Palais des congress d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

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November 20, 2014

Hear executive Ran Shribman present “Practical Business Use Cases for SharePoint and Office 365-based Collaboration” on Tuesday, 18 November at 16:20 in Room F.

November 18, 2014


BlackBerry and hosted a webinar on successful mobile collaboration using SharePoint

Tuesday, September 30, 11 AM EST.

Viewing this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Identify high-value business use cases for your own mobile initiative
  • Understand the challenges and possible solutions of collaboration on smartphones and tablets
  • See live demonstrations that spotlight key business value of the use cases Webinar

De-Mystify SharePoint Taxonomy - New Approaches for Conquering Content Chaos

Tuesday, July 22, 1pm EDT.

During this session, participants will:

  • Understand core taxonomy and metadata models
  • See how auto-classification tools can integrate tagging seamlessly into the user experience.
  • Experience a “before and after” example to see the value of this new approach Recorded Webinar

Office 365: You’ve Gone Mobile, Now What?

Tuesday, June 24, 11:00 AM EDT

During this one hour session, attendees will learn how to:

  • Deliver mass appeal mobile services like document collaboration and project execution on iPads and smartphones
  • Roll out high-value business mobile applications, such as those in construction and emergency response
  • Weigh the merits of both approaches and develop an optimal mobile strategy Recorded Webinar

Two Proven Strategies to Drive Your Mobile Initiative: Which One is for You?

June 18, 2014, 11:00 AM EST, 15:00 UTC

Learn how to:

  • Deliver mass appeal mobile services like document collaboration and project execution on iPads and smartphones
  • Roll out high-value business mobile applications, such as those in construction and emergency response
  • Weigh the merits of both approaches and develop an optimal mobile strategy Recorded Webinar

Mobile SharePoint Essentials – How to Deliver Real Value to Your Mobile Workforce

Ubiquitous BYO programs have put smartphones in the hands of millions of workers. But what can they do with these devices? Today it's mostly email. What are the next high-impact use cases that will allow users to be productive while on the road?'s David Lavenda, Vice President of Product Strategy and Portal Solutions' Rick Hinton, Vice President Products & Solutions discuss practical approaches to implementing a mobile strategy for SharePoint. Recorded Webinar

Driving Organizational Change with Yammer and SharePoint

Smart businesses understand that successful organizational initiatives entail a lot more than just buying technology.
They require crafting and executing a results-oriented business strategy, a people strategy, as well as a technology strategy.

Join VP of Product Strategy David Lavenda and SharePoint MVP Michael Greth as they explore how providing workers with a unified Yammer/SharePoint experience can connect people and technology, driving the organizational change needed to achieve strategic business goals. Webinars

Secure Document Collaboration on Mobile Devices

BYOD affords business users the flexibility to choose and bring their device to work, which has enabled them to use email and calendaring.

The next phase of enterprise mobility brings secure document sharing and social interactions to mobile devices, taking organizational productivity to the next level. This webinar explores the challenges and offers practical tips for bringing secure document collaboration to mobile devices. The session includes a live demonstration of a real-world enterprise collaboration scenario.

BeYOnD Email and Calendaring recorded Webinars

Join Collaboration Specialists in a series of webinars to learn how helps you:

  • Get more from ' for Outlook'
  • Make Records Management Successful with
  • Turn documents and email messages into knowledge with


Knowledge Management Webinar
View the Recorded Webinar

Records Management Webinar
View the Recorded Webinar

Get more from ' for Outlook'
View the Recorded Webinar

Topic: 4 brings Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 to The Mobile Enterprise

Yaacov Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder
Hilton Giesenow, SharePoint MVP
Michal Cohen, Product Evangelist

  • The role of Office 365 to the mobile enterprise
  • Several new capabilities of SharePoint 2013
  • A live demo of 4

How Unsocial is SharePoint - What does Social Mean in the context of SharePoint and the Everyday Work Environment?

Mark Miller, community Founder and Editor
Michal Cohen, Product Evangelist

  • Can SharePoint become the social water cooler as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yammer have tried to be?
  • Should SharePoint be social?
  • What is the business rationale behind internal social?

Introducing Connect - The First Suite of Connected Apps across iOS Devices and Windows Desktops

Yaacov Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder
Michal Cohen, Product Evangelist

  • Connect to SharePoint sites and follow documents and colleagues across Mobile and Desktop
  • Easily collaborate with colleagues at work and on the road
  • Securely edit and share documents from the iPad
Records Management Webinar

Make your Records Management Project Successful: Make the Right Thing the Easy Thing

Yaacov Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder
Michal Cohen, Product Evangelist

  • Enhances records management compliance
  • Improves classification of documents and email messages
  • Reduces liability through improved record capture / Andrew Woodward Webcast

The Missing Link In SharePoint Projects (Or How to Get Business Users to Embark on the SharePoint Journey)

Andrew Woodward, SharePoint MVP and '21Apps' owner
Michal Cohen, product evangelist

  • How to engage business users on SharePoint projects.
  • Overcoming SharePoint adoption challenges.
  • How helps organizations eliminate the missing link in SharePoint projects – both on the desktop and on the go. Schadler Webcast

Making Mobile Work: Turning iPads into Enterprise Platforms with Forrester Research Vice President & Principal Analyst Ted Schadler and co-founder and CEO Yaacov Cohen

Join this webcast to learn how to:

  • Provides a data-driven view of the state of mobile platforms and adoption.
  • Describes the key characteristics of a pragmatic IT-led solution to mobile enablement.
  • Discusses where mobile is headed as the new face of business engagement.
  • Demonstrates for iPad, the first ever solution to provide enterprise-grade SharePoint document collaboration and social interactions to the iPad. Oleson Webcast

Joel Oleson's Expert 'Tips and Tricks' For Managing Events using Microsoft SharePoint

Join this webcast to learn how to:

  • Streamline the process of issuing calls for papers and consolidating multiple responses.
  • Manage e-mails and overcome e-mail attachment renaming issues.
  • Simplify your search for resources, people, and content on SharePoint. Harbridge Webcast

Expert Tips and Tricks for Increasing SharePoint Document Management, Usability, and End User Adoption

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Make the right key configuration decisions such as ‘To Require Check Out, or Not to Require Check Out’ and how to communicate the importance of this decision.
  • Simplify the assignment of metadata, and remove the ‘pain’ from the process, to drastically improve ‘findability’.
  • Simplify your user experience by leveraging familiar tools, thus reducing the effort required to contribute. Rogers Webcast

Tips for Better Project Management Using SharePoint and

Laura Rogers, Senior SharePoint Consultant, SharePoint 911
Michal Cohen, Product Evangelist,

Learn about:

  • the power of content types and how they can be used to implement standard project templates.
  • how files and folders from a file share can be brought together in a document library in a way that people can find relevant content according to metadata.
  • ways to utilize metadata, views, and a few other tricks to work more efficiently, AND improve SharePoint adoption your organization. / Jump Start Webinars

Practical Tips for getting the most out of for SharePoint Water Webcast

American Water Adopts SharePoint, Social Email to 'Eliminate Waste'

Steve Brescia, Enterprise Architect, American Water
Yaacov Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder,

  • Learn how to execute a collaboration strategy built for typical business users
  • Find out how American Water is using social email to share information and eliminate duplication of efforts
  • Preview and learn about the upcoming capabilities Webcast

'Social Email' Drives 4th Generation Collaboration Solutions

Yaacov Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder,,
Gartner Analyst Matt Cain

  • The enterprise 2.0 adoption gap
  • 4th generation collaboration solutions
  • SharePoint-email integration
  • What means for the end user
  • What means for enterprise IT
  • Adoption of in the enterprise